Newton's laws of gravity, X-rays, penicilin, America: Many great discoveries were made by chance rather than targeted research.
It was also a coincidence that brought four reasonably successful exo-archaeologists together and led them on the trail of a discovery that could potentially affect the fate of the entire universe.
But it's best to see for yourself how the story goes. Soon the first episode of the web comic will be released on
Here is some information about the four characters.

Daeda has been dedicated to field research since graduating. So he has been traveling a lot between the stars and has seen some strange planets.
Unfortunately, his exoarchaeological discoveries have so far been rather manageable, which is why his expeditions lately were viewed critically by the Academy of Recognized Sciences of the Exoplanets (ARSE).
With the many flights near the speed of light, the relativity of time has ensured that he has survived all of his social contacts and feels like a relic from a bygone era himself.
Dr. Nareda has always been a person of studying and meta research. So there is hardly anyone who has a better overview of the entire research area of ​​exo archaeology and past alien civilizations.
Despite his enthusiasm for the topic, he has not yet dared to test his theories and approaches in the field. Above all, the interplanetary archive on space station 1 still holds enough unexplored treasures for him, which is why he is a permanent resident there.
Bricol is actually a physicist and passionate inventor. He is therefore particularly interested in exoarchaeology from these points of view. If there is something to be invented to provide evidence or to get to the bottom of a problem, he prefers the task even more!
At the beginning of his career, he also fielded a few expeditions, but soon found that he prefered the work in the laboratory.
After dropping out of some courses, Reyn found the field in exoarchaeology where he believes he can live out his talents. In addition, he is attracted to research on other planets and the promise of extensive discoveries. However, he has not participated in any expedition since graduation and has been passed around by various research centers.
Nevertheless, he is hopeful that his chance will come soon.

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