Today is the first of November. Inktober has passed by and I haven’t drawn a line. Now I am sitting here, flipping trough old sketchbooks, I found this six year old drawing that I made after I’ve written down some lines from a song from memory. I remember that I had this catchy tune since days but couldn’t recall the title or artist. So I remembered the lyrics partially wrong, but still liked the note (Later I found out, that the song was Stay Alive from José González.).

“Sometimes there’re things a man cannot know.

Gears won’t turn and the leaves won’t grow.

Leaves you empty with nothing but dreams.

In a world gone shallow.

In a world gone lean.”

After writing down the lines I started drawing the character below. He appeared on the paper as if he would contemplate about the text above.

When I saw the page again this morning, it triggered me somehow because it really feels like my world has become a bit lean and shallow lately - during the pandemic.

So I committed to fill it again with some new ideas and drawings during this November by doing my own personal Inkvember starting today.


Reyn hadn't expected anything particularly comfortable, but the accommodation fell well short of his expectations. The first thing he looked at was the envelope that was lying on the bed and reminded him that he had not come here for a comfortable stay.
With this drawing, I tried to make the uncomfortable atmosphere of the room appear a little more uncomfortable and narrow through the hard lighting and the fisheye look of the perspective. Well, that can be done even better.

As if the sudden appearance of the mysterious tentacle creatures wasn't bad enough, Daeda gets into an even more predicament while fleeing from them. But he tries to make the best of it.
Today I am posting a rather minimalist drawing. On the day when most of the attention is absorbed by completely different things, I try to get by with a few lines.

Bricol proceeded deeper and deeper into these confusing spaces. His special glasses helped him to orientate himself a bit while he became convinced that these spaces were folded in more than three dimensions. In addition, he felt increasingly observed and felt strangely "split up" at the same time.

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