1 RING​​​​​​​
To be honest, I had more fun inking the "splashscreen" than the motif itself.
2 MINDLESS​​​​​​​
My first EKSPLORAZ 3-image-strip.
3 BAIT​​​​​​​
He hadn't counted on mom monster when he laid out his bait.
4 FREEZE​​​​​​​
Caught in a stasis field.
5 BUILD​​​​​​​
One screw left!
6 HUSKY​​​​​​​
Maybe I got this prompt wrong ;-)
7 ENCHANTED​​​​​​​
My preciou... er ... crysssstal!
8 FRAIL​​​​​​​
9 SWING​​​​​​​
Here we swing
10 PATTERN​​​​​​​
Please adjust your pattern-generator!
...loads of it.
12 DRAGON​​​​​​​
Why was it always on him to change the generator core?!
13 ASH​​​​​​​
Oh. No.
14 OVERGROWN​​​​​​​
He didn't park there THAT long!
15 LEGEND​​​​​​​
In a book...
16 WILD​​​​​​​
Wildly determinated to explore ... something.
17 ORNAMENT​​​​​​​
...like a labyrinth.
18 MISFIT​​​​​​​
You can do it anyway.
19 SLING​​​​​​​
Sling... swush... aargh
20 TREAD​​​​​​​
yeah, okay. I thought the prompt was tHread.
21 TREASURE​​​​​​​
It didn't really match their expectations.
22 GHOST​​​​​​​
He was sure that it was just a blanket, but you can never be cautious enough.
23 ANCIENT​​​​​​​
Old, very old...
24 DIZZY​​​​​​​
He hated landings
...so he forgot the time completely.
...it was always hard to tell how much dark matter was left in the barrel.
His camouflage was almost perfect
28 RIDE​​​​​​​
He wondered if it was a good idea to embark on this mission on a water planet as his submersible ride hovered droning over the desolate bottom of the ocean.
29 INJURED​​​​​​​
He had initially thought that his injured arm would restrict him. But slowly he began to get used to the power-enhancing exoskeleton.
This interstellar rock was not really relevant to his research. But it has always been his desire to catch such a part in the expanses of space. It was also a wonderful pastime during the long, deserted flights through the Great Void.
Finally he had done it. He summarized all the strange observations and discoveries of his last travels in a comprehensive report. The time was ripe to publish his findings.

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